In addition to the skill at climbing the rope or cloth , here hanging different figures are shown . With great skill and body control the vertical cloth or rope is swung to individual body parts and fixed by the friction of the individual windings . It thus allows different positions hanging in the air without explicit nodes or handles . In particular, the dissolution of the windings , by rapidly rolling down with built- Stop is one of the most spectacular figures of these disciplines. The vertical cloth due to its use of a substance very good options particularly spectacular visual effects ( flag ) to erzeugen.Alle three sports equipment allow its use with two or more artists. This depends on an artist , the catcher , usually headfirst into the sports equipment , while the second person , the pilot, is held mainly by the catcher in different positions. When performing with several artists at the same time , it is often customary to work simultaneously. Each artist on his own harness, cloth or Seil.Daneben there is the air ring . This is a ring with or without a strut to the suspension . The air ring is also sometimes combined with the vertical cloth, the cloth wird.An attached to the ring all the props are sunrises , tricks , transitions, relationships , and withdrawals Abfaller possible. Usually there is a trick also correspondences to the other devices. The tricks are then not exactly the same , but based on a similar Prinzip.Am suspension of cloth , rope , ring and trapeze rarely a vertebrate between the ceiling and the attachment of the device is often installed to facilitate rotations around the vertical. Rotations are at an appropriately high suspension also without vertebral possible, but in this case the device must again turn back completely .