The term contortion (Latin contortio, turn, turn ') describes a form of acrobatics performances in which the artist turned his body into positions or bend, which seem to be out of reach for most people. Contortion is often part of a circus contortionist Nummer.Ein, also called contortionist, is thus an acrobat who can be extremely bend his body due to years of training. In general, contortionists have an unusually high natural Agility, which is then further enhanced by special gymnastic exercises.

Ilya Goncharov
Kristina Rutskaja
Sergiy Zhytpelyev
Claudia Mesyasz
Svetlana Burdzevitskaya
Kateryna Sheludyakova
Marina Zakharova
Trio Heart Notes
Roman Loskutov
Mikhail Sozonov
Mikhail Sozonov
Viktoriia Knysh
Natalia Leuta
Maxim and Olga
Tommaso di Vincenzo
Katleen Ravoet
Andrey Makovoz
Maxim Kriger
Artur Bezkorinny
Andrew Spatar
Aleksandr Batuev
Anastasia Nukina
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