The terms and conditions below are for the time being for guidance only and are not legally valid because the website "SarachakovARTs" is not yet officially open!

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Here is created a platform that artists and acrobats will give you the opportunity may present itself here with others. Videos, photos, current status, summary and much more. Any form of advertising, and information concerning the artist will be found here. Clearly you click through the various areas (genres) such as Aerialists, jugglers, contortion. There, photos and videos of various events. Calendar of individual artists to be admired and much more will be shown. We would also look forward to your support. Therefore do not hold back with criticism, wishes, comments, suggestions and give us your feedback. We will try everything to pursue. Current and upcoming workshops will be here from us again and again to find them. Here, too, the accompanying photos and videos are to admire the workshops and to be downloaded - upcoming events in August 2014 in Graz - Austria. If you also want to show up here, then simply register with us. Of course, everything is for the time being until the official opening of this website freely accessible, no login no registration. Please contact us. Have fun and see you soon



Planed updates

- A forum is planned to be able to replace every now and then here amongst themselves.

- It should have in the future each artist their own access to their account to make independent changes in its profile can

- In future advertising / promotional video shooting days are planned. In which we offer artists a professional video of their performances to turn -     time and location will be announced soon enough here on the website 

- Workshops for children will be initially offered only in Austria




Visitors can directly see all the databases, Videos, Photos, Personal career, availability of the artists. Without log in or to have a membership everything is free till now, all without any restriction. It allows you to specifically find your artist. Be it air acrobats, contortionists, jugglers, dancers, etc. Book a variety of artists for, shows, commercials, TV-productions, your company party, weddings, and and and.. . Contact us and share with us your wishes or ideas, we will try to make it true. IMPORTANT: Inform yourself on the website there could be spatial conditions possibly Working visas. Artist engagements are always dependent on several factors, for example for Aerialists the hanging points must be a given maximum load present etc. All videos and photos are property of the artists and of course under Privacy so they may not be reproduced or publicly displayed. We are happy to provide you the contact with the artists forth to give you a memorable experience. 


For our Artists


To gain full access to your own database, you must register (but not until the official opening likely beginning in 2015. Until then, this site here is working in progress). Registration is required to have a complete access to their data or independently to make changes. It is requested to fill out their registration form carefully, as this may lead to a denial of registration and rejection of the application for admission on our website. Soon as you can find on their e -mail addresses with which you have logged in. have received a confirmation, you can „edit profile „your personal data in here. (This feature is not yet available. all changes are currently reserved for the administrator, to the site ~ 2015 is officially opened. ) All videos and demos must be uploaded to YouTube and are linked here. PLEASE, use the Shortcut / / youtube be / Example:.,Only these shortcuts can be used, otherwise the function cannot be guaranteed. Photos, please in jpg format. Size. max. 1280 * 1024 or max. 250 Kb for the start (we are working on more space). For shown pictures, videos including music (copyright), we „SarachakovARTs" are not responsible and assumes no liability.




Registration Rules on the website "SarachakovARTs“:

1 The registration is until the opening for the artists absolutely free.

2 Registration is required to place new photos and videos, as well as change in their own event calendar

3 All videos and demos in the database of the portal „SarachakovARTs" must be uploaded to YouTube and Linked here.

PLEASE, use the Shortcut / / youtube be / Example:, otherwise the function cannot be guaranteed.

4 Photos, please in jpg format. Size. max. 1280 * 1024 or max. 250 Kb for the start (we are working on more space). For shown pictures, videos including music (copyright), we „SarachakovARTs" are not responsible and assumes no liability.

5 For the shown pictures, videos including music (copyright), we "SarachakovARTs" are not responsible. All videos and photos are, of course, for the time being checked before they are shown publicly on quality and function.

6 The team of the project "SarachakovARTs" has the right to refuse any artist to participate without giving reasons. Furthermore we reserve the right to information that are contrary to the rules of registration to work in our system to modify or delete them.

7 We reserve the right to edit , modify or delete information that is contrary to the rules of registration in our system.To add information about the artist in the search engine " Artists Database ", you need to take into account the technical parameters of the search engine and follow each step of registrationcooperationWe appreciate our cooperation with artists , event organizers and partners of the project "SarachakovARTs", so in our work, we do not accept any compromises when it comes to quality!




We look forward to the future with new artists, organizers and partners of the "SarachakovARTs" project. That is why many among others Event companies, advertising agencies, TV stations give us the advantage of our resources to use as a basic tool for finding artists. Again, we are constantly working on new advanced features for maximum ease of interaction between the artist and the customer. If you want to improve proposals for cooperation, or visit our website, we are always happy to open for any constructive information / tips, including criticism.


Contact us :


For more information call Austria Tel: +43 650 83 83 923 * Tel: +43 650 69 65 779 * and Ukraine Tel: +38 093 664 62 14*

* Due to many travels abroad and it could be that we are not always be reached by phone, and we would ask you primarily contact us by e-mail 




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