What do we do:


The idea to provide the artists and acrobats with a platform to present themselves together with other artists, has been taking us longer. For many years we have been working together with artists who are doing extraordinary things and are given the opportunity to present themselves around the world in order to promote themselves. Especially for our artists from the East like Ukraine (besides the artist school from China, the best in the world) Belarus u.v.m who often find it very difficult to present themselves outside their country.


Since 2015, we have been working under the name SarachakovARTs on founding Austria's first Air House in Graz, which is all about the fascination of aerial acrobatics, artistry, trainings, workshops, fitness, circus and much more.

Until now we are allowed to present our project in the ATG - Graz for the time being, where you are welcome to try it at any time.

But we are eager to implement our Air House project soon and hope to invite you to our opening in our own house.


Let yourself be surprised and swing through the offers.

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